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About See Photography.

When I finally came to writing this bit of introductory blurb, I sat for some time, pondering the approach to take. It's not easy to explain yourself in a paragraph without sounding full of your own importance, or worst of all a wanna be standup with a line in witty patter. A brief trawl through other photographers websites for ideas didn't help as none have come to wedding photography from the same direction as I have.
First and foremost, I do photography because I love creating images. For 25 years, alongside the photography I have been a successful commercial illustrator based in London's advertising and design community, and as a result I come to photography from the angle of a visual artist. Technically I know my stuff, but that is not what's important to me. What I bring to my photography is a creative eye for what makes an image shine, (that and an extensive knowledge of Photoshop doesn't do any harm). You can do all of the training you want, and have the best camera there is, but they are just tools, and if you don't have the ability to see and frame an image artistically, then you might as well be using a camera phone.

When all is said and done, it all comes down to the images, and so, please take a look around my site, and if, as I hope, you see something that sparks a bit of interest, please give me a call, as I would love to hear from you.